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Re: RC: Scratches

	We sell a great ointment that gets rid of scratches.  We own an 
endurance ranch and have about 20 endurance riders on it.  All of us use this 
and a lot of our multi-day riding friends also.
	The oral treatment is SMZ's.  That is used for chronic cases.  This 
shouldn't be used if you are conditioning your horse in a higher level.  Nor 
can you or  should you enter a ride with SMZ's in the blood.  Also, as with 
any antibiotic you need to use this product for at least 7 - 10 days or until 
all signs are gone.  After all signs are gone and since your horse is prone 
to scratches, it helps to make sure you use bag balm or Vaseline every time 
you go out riding.  Sharon Dumas sells a grease called Snake grease just for 
this purpose - a great prevention.
	Please consult your vet for further info on using SMZ's,  but it does 
seem to work.
Hope this helps.
Our ointment comes in: $5.00 for 4oz  & $10.00 for 8oz

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