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Re: RC: Branding - why I did it

> Eight years ago I hot branded my mare, Emily.  There are a billion horses 
> that are plain dark bay with a left rear sock.  I wanted a way for anyone to 
> identify her.
> The Tennessee State Veterinarian said that branded horses are less likely to 
> be stolen and if they are they are more often found.

A lot to be said for some permanent type of I.D. on the horse.

After Hurricane Andrew tore S.Fl. up and scattered and injured hundreds
of horses (in addition to other animals, pets, and of course PEOPLE),
many of the horses ended up in a "MASH "type unit set up at the closed
racing facility at Tropical Park in Miami Fl....

I ended up helping with this unit....long story short, only a few horses
were freeze branded...THEY were identified immediately by a volunteer
who knew how to read the brands...and then they were traced to their
owners, even if the original owner was not in the picture. It was at 
least some sort of info to go on. Most owners had nothing..eveything
lost in the disaster. It made it a little difficult, and then there was
a language was somethin'. 

This made an impression on me....I then had freeze branded a nice
Arabian mare I had (a Shabazzy daughter) ON THE OFF SIDE. This is a good
point made in the writer's article...there was no doubt that this animal 
was marked, and the horse stealers/rustlers who might invade during a
disaster would leave this one alone, *and* she would have positive I.D.

For whatever it's worth,

Fl.     (who needs to put her money where her mouth is and get the
         baby done!) It's nearing Hurricane Season!

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