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RE: Branding - why I did it

Ah, Branding your horse!!

Went through this discussion a few years back I thing on Compuserve!

First, any brand, hot or freeze, if visible is a deterrent to theft. Second,
the fact that you own a brand (registered) gives you more credence with the
authorities when you have problems. Third, a brand is like a return address
on your horse (at least here in the west). Fourth, YOUR BRAND is just that!
Just like Ford on your truck, Wheaties on your cereal or Levi's on your
jeans. In Europe only the best horses get to be branded, that is why my
horses are branded. They are the best!! If you go to an endurance ride and
see a horse with a "rolling M hanging E" on the right shoulder, then that is
the horse to beat (if you can)!

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID

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Bob & Amber Roberts wrote:
> wrote:
>   If an animal has a
> > freeze brand all a thief has to do is cover it with the appropriate
color of
> > shoe polish.
> I never thought about someone covering it up with
> shoe polish!

We avoided that problem on my old chestnut mare by freeze branding her
like a gray Arab.  The brand is held there a little longer until the
hair follicles are dead.  There is a bald spot with pink skin that
showed her as a full arab (A) with her registration number in the
symbols that look like wedges.  There was NO WAY shoe polish could have
ever covered that.

My current gray is freeze branded the same way, but came to me with the
breed/registration brand.  The old owners put it under his mane since he
had a destiny as a show horse.  I prefer to have it on the side without
the mane - easier to see from a distance!

Our coal black TB/QH is not branded, but he his only marking is a
distinctive white spot under his mane, about the size of a penny.  The
spot could be shoe blacked, but I'm not sure who would want to bother
with such an irascible old gelding!

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch

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