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Buying a new horse

I am going to look at a horse for sale next weekend, that will be my
trailhorse and possible endurance horse.  I have much experience with
horses in general, but was slightly bothered when the current owner told
me that they had taken this gelding, who had had the whole winter off,
and went on a serious trailride this past weekend over one of the
steepest trails in the upper midwest.  She also said that they don't
have access to much pasture on their land.  So what signs do I look for
when inspecting this horse that he may be used too hard on an infrequent
basis, instead of being ridden on a regular, gradual schedule for
conditioning?  He's six, and she's had him for two years.  He sounds
super in every other way, but I'm a little concerned that he might be
"wore out" and not conditioned properly.
Thanks for any advice.
Terri Radandt

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