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Re: RC: Washoe Valley Ride

Kirsten Foruria wrote:
> Fred and I completed our first ride.


>  I waited to
> get my official P&R until my 30 minutes was nearly up.
> Ooops.  When we walked back among all the other horses, his
> pulse must have gone up again (I had checked him at the
> trailer before we went back to the vet area) because the P&R
> person got an 80 

In the future, you may want to set up a station for cooling out near the
P&R gate if ride management allows it.  (Bucket for cooling, bucket for
drinking, sponge, sweat scraper, cooler or blanket if needed.)  The walk
from the trailer to the gate will eat up time if you're competitive, and
the horse gets to pass "exciting things" which can keep his pulse up -
like what happened to you, maybe.  Once we get thru the P&R and vet
check, then we go to the trailer to really relax & do serious eating &

Eating during a P&R check may also raise the horse's pulse...  We try to
keep piglet's mouth empty until after the P&R team checks the pulse. 
:-)  Anyone who has ever seen my gelding will know that he NEVER misses
an opportunity to eat!!

If you can train your horse to pee on a cue (whistle, word, etc.) that
can help too.  If he hasn't peed before going into the check, encourage
him to do so.  Some folks even bring some wet bedding from home for him
- "this is the spot" sort of thing.  Emptying his bladder will also
bring down the pulse.

If my horse is exciteable, I will stand in front of him, blocking his
line of sight and overpowering the odors of other horses with my own. 
(Not to say that I'm a little ripe by that time... No, not me!)

Keep up the good work with Fred.  It's a fun sport.  Even when I don't
top ten (like almost always), I have a great feeling of accomplishment
when I cross that line!

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

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