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Washoe Valley Ride

The Washoe ride 25/50/100 was held in spectacular weather.  We did the 50
this year and do believe the 100's may have gotten into some wind by night.
 Connie Creech, RM, did her usual super job.  She had lots of very good
help.  Trail markings were outstanding and the trail conditions were good
considering all the weather we have had.  In fact, I'd rate the trail as
excellent with some care needed in parts.  This was a qualifying ride (100
miler) for the western region so I'm sure once those folks get some sleep,
we'll hear the results.  My friend Janet who rode her first ride ever (in
fact had never even been to a ride - took me 2 yrs to convence her) did
very well.  She'd done an excellent job of conditioning - horse did super.
Janet went around in a daze and fell off her horse at the end (just
kidding) but I am so proud of her and once more we have another convert to
the ranks.  Yes, she rode the 50, joined AERC before the ride, read every
book I had that I loaned her, asked questions, had a physical done on the
horse prior to, in other words IMO did it all right!!  

West Region

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