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Re: RC: NATRC & AERC Benefits

I was discussing this with a NATRC board member earlier this week. 

These organizations have different cultures, and while some people enjoy
both, NATRC won't attract significant numbers of riders from AERC unless
more than the shoeing rule changes. The assessment-based culture of
NATRC discourages many AERC riders.

The legendary "judge in the bushes" is an expression of dislike for
having "every move" watched and assessed. Horse shows are based on
judging, many people enjoy it.  Even if you ride as a non-competitor in
NATRC, assessment is what the sport is based on, and it takes place
formally or informally. It's the culture, and if you enjoy that - it's

I started endurance on a horse I couldn't control. After a few bad
experiences, I volunteered at an NATRC ride riding Point - the front
rider - then began attending NATRC rides regularly. I had fun and
learned a lot. I wasn't a "NATRC rider" - I was a volunteer. I
volunteered for over 12 years before competing, and I've only competed

As a volunteer, I learned to pace my horse, learned a lot about safety.
I relaxed and had fun, didn't have that manic race problem, and didn't
have to follow rules I didn't care for. It's the best of both worlds! I
didn't compete because I don't fit the image even though I do things
okay by NATRC standards. There are too many rules that I don't want to
deal with, and I rebel against the inference that the NATRC way is the
only way. 

I encourage people to ride NATRC to get through training or retraining
problems, or if I think it's their sport. It's very valuable, especially
for folks new to the sport. 

It isn't "the answer" to "civilizing endurance"!!!  Endurance is fine
for what it is. So is NATRC. 

I'd like to start a new organization of endurance riders that volunteer
on NATRC rides! ERVNR! The pace will help us train green and high strung
horses, we can enjoy a nice ride, sift through the NATRC rules and adopt
the ones that have value for us. If you ride "Point" you get to race
into camp first, and if you ride Drag, the P&R people cheer when they
see you coming...

  Linda Cowles  
  Gilroy CA

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