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Re: RC: NATRC & AERC Benefits

> I'd like to start a new organization of endurance riders that volunteer
> on NATRC rides!

Okay, I'll join.  I was the timer at Biloxi Bash, a NATRC ride not far
from here, the weekend after I rode at Million Pines, and I worked a NATRC
training ride last year.  My personal philosophy is that if endurance
riders would work NATRC rides and vice versa, we'd all get to do what we
really wanna be doing! and help one another out in the process.  Now how
about an organization of NATRC riders who volunteer at AERC rides?

I think NATRC is wonderful for people who enjoy it; it just ain't for me.
I can't stand that 'assessment culture' of which you speak, and frankly,
it would drive me absolutely NUTSO to be forced to dawdle on the trail so
as not to get back into camp too early, when cold drinks & hot food were
waiting on me! <BG>

Glenda & Lakota
Mobile, AL
AERC # M18819 & H27310
SE Region

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