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For everyone concerned about potential restrictions on horse keeping in the 
Conejo, there is a meeting today at 4PM at the Las Virgenes water District on 
Malibu Canyon Road regarding horse keeping, related waste management, etc. 
This has the potential to negatively impact horse owners valley wide, and so 
anyone who can scoot around in their schedule, please PLEASE make the 
meeting. While there are indeed some sloppy uncaring individuals who seem to 
be unconcerned about their waste management in particular, MOST horse owners 
are willing and eager to cooperate, and we DON'T want more unneeded 
restrictions on an already costly and restricted way of life. This is 
important. If for some reason you can't make the meeting, please put your 
opinions in writing and forward them to the district. In the meantime, let's 
make sure each of our barns are clean!

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