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Re: another pain

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From: Chelle Sherman <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, April 16, 1999 9:47 AM
Subject: RC: another pain

>Hi all - while we're on the subject of rider's aches and

>Usually after about 20 miles of riding, I start getting
>this odd pain deep down in my foot - it seems to originate
>around the ball of my foot and radiates outward to my toes,
creating an
>incredible burning sensation, then it shoots up my leg.

>I've also had this pain on
>long backpacking trips, and recently got it on a long bike
trip as well,
I've had that exact symptom, but not when I'm riding.   I
get it when I'm sitting at the computer in the wrong kind of
chair.  My guess it's some type of nerve compromise in the
lower back.  That would explain why you get it when riding,
backpacking and bicycling but not when running.  Do you ever
get it when you're driving your car?

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