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Horse for a ride in Finland May 8th

Raimo Launonen
Hello Everybody

A horse for an international rider for a 50 miles ride
in Finland May 8th 1999:

Mr Erkki Kuvajaīs horse Clinton (stallion) is without rider
May 8th 1999 because Erkki is too bussy to ride because he
is one of the organisers of this ride.

This ride (one of the first of this season in Finland) is
a 80 km speed competition and the location is near Helsinki
in Finland.

The district is same where the Nordic Chanpionships will
be arranged 2000.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me or Erkki , if you are interested in:
we can arrange this horse and a crew for you if you
correspondingly could help us to participate a ride somewhere
else without huge costs of horse transport from Finland.

Erkki completed 100 miles WEC in Dubai with Clinton last
December (75.) and 28.6.1998 they were 5. in the Nordic
Chanpinships in Sweden. Some images of Clinton and also
some ride reports in English:

May 8th is so soon: if you might be interested in other
rides in Finland also, please contact.

Raimo Launonen, Nummelan Ratsastajat, Finland +358(0)9 4565236, -(0)9 2221454

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