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another pain

Hi all - while we're on the subject of rider's aches and pains, I would
like to share my problem and see if anybody else has had this and solved
it successfully. Usually after about 20 miles of riding, I start getting
this odd pain deep down in my foot - it seems to originate somewhere
around the ball of my foot and radiates outward to my toes, creating an
incredible burning sensation, then it shoots up my leg. It can be quite
unbearable. It goes away if I take my leg out of the stirrup and dangle
it, wiggling my toes and foot around. This works fine on training rides,
but it's hard to trot or canter and do this at the same time when I'm
competing! It goes away after I dismount, but only after it hurts like
hell for about 5 seconds upon dismounting. I've also had this pain on
long backpacking trips, and recently got it on a long bike trip as well,
so I think it has more to do with me than my riding equipment. Does this
particular annoyance have a medical name? My guess is that it is a nerve
thing, since it doesn't feel like a muscle cramp.

I should add that I am a runner and cyclist (never hurts me when I run,
strangely enough), I'm 34 and quite fit - no medical problems. I've had
this happen to me since I was in my early 20's. I've been riding since I
was a kid, and I ride in an Orthoflex dresseur with EZ ride stirrups -
my gear is very comfortable. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance -

Chelle and Dy

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