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Re: RC: another pain

Chelle Sherman wrote:
> Usually after about 20 miles of riding, I start getting
> this odd pain deep down in my foot - it seems to originate somewhere
> around the ball of my foot and radiates outward to my toes, creating an
> incredible burning sensation, then it shoots up my leg.

It is caused by pressure on the nerve than runs under the ball of your

Moving the foot about is a good solution - keep it up.  Invest in good
pads on your WIDE stirrups - that helps too.  I use Ariat gel footbeds
in my riding shoes (which are not Ariats - too narrow on my feet)... 
Heaven!  Choose riding shoes that have room for your feet to swell
some.  This may help to relieve some of the pressure, too

The last thing to try is posting & two point (ie "standing") using your
thigh muscles more in order to unweight your feet some.  Folks who are
really in shape for it can do a posting trot, no stirrups, for miles!  I
tend to keep the stirrups but unweight my feet some.  It really helps.

Linda Flemmer

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