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>EPM is a disease that occurrs as a result of a depressed immune system
>(equine aids) 

WHOA. I was with you until this statement. There are a helluva lot of ways
the immune system can be ineffective. But a non-optimally functioning
immune system is *not* synonymous with AIDS. AIDs is itself an infectious
There's snough hysteria in the world about both EPM and AIDs without
confusing people by combining the two.

>Food for thought....seems like all the most well cared for and expensive
>horses are coming down with EPM,  have not heard of too many back yard
>neglected horses...

	Several possible  reasons come to mind for that--
One, if you don't look for something, you won't find it. Trust me, I've
seen horses belonging to the clueless with incredible problems that weren't
noticed until the animal was past saving. 
Two, some folks won't spend the money on diagnosis and treatment on a
"neglected, backyard horse".
Three, IMO, EPM is being overdiagnosed in some of the "high end" horses.
                 --CMNewell, DVM

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