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Karen, thanks to Sharon Truax, I saw your post.  It is not easy to post
on epm as it upsets me to think of my horse Sareei.  He does have a good
home now in east Nevada with a pastor and his wife that run a handicap
orginization.  It is flat and sandy there, good footing, and is ridden
at a walk and is quite happy.

First Karen, I want to say, and this is my opinion but I would highly
recommend seeking out a vet that is good at spinal taps to confirm the
EPM.  Blood tests are inconclusive as most horses have been  exposed to
the protozoa, few and have to say rarely does a horse have the parasite
end up in the nervous system.  Alot of vets do not like doing a spinal
and although there is a slight chance of a false positive, one has to
consider the great cost of the medicine, having to give it for 6 mos.
and it is hard on the horse's system.  You should be sure it is

So many symptoms mimic EPM and now too many vets are quick to label any
stumbling or rear end weakness as EPM.  Unfortunely when my horse
exhibited his symptoms all the vets and chiros I had examined him never
considered EPM and  were the opposite, too focased on their specialty,
such as the chiro was convinced it was caused by crookedness, rider
balance etc.  Mind you a horse with hock or styfle problems or arthritis
can develop
compensation patterns that can cause also weakness, stumbling etc.  My
horse became crooked as a result of his weak right rear and he had no
idea where his feet were.  A neuro exam reveiled that when his feet were
crossed he was not aware of it...hence his bad stumbling.  His spinal
was positive and after months of treatment, his nuero exam did show some
improvement but the nerve damage was permanent and he was no longer safe
for endurance.  Had it been caught early, then the damamge would have
been mimimal.  The vet that did his spinal was very experinced at
spinals and came from back east where she treated many cases of EPM and
there was no doubt.

There are lots of website on EPM, that you could research.  My
recommendation would be to rule out the simplier and less expensive
things first...a good chiro check,  x rays maybe, ultasounds and if
there is nothing found then go for the spinal.  Don't procastinate,
should it be EPM, time is important in the recovery process.  Many
horses have had good recoveries with early treatment but at the same
time, to not build false hopes, many have relapses, and treatment must
be carried out atleast 6 mos.- one year. to lessen the chances. 

With Sareei, I tried herbs, conventional treatment,massage, chiro and
acupuncture at the total cost of 3000.00.  I think we cured the disease
but the damage because he had it too long is irriversible.   I wish you
luck and pray it is not as serious, you are on the right track and with
early diagnosis the outlook is positive.

EPM is a disease that occurrs as a result of a depressed immune system
(equine aids)  I feel as a result of alot of research, that over
worming, vaccines contribute.   Until dignosis, I would recommend
holding off on both as it is hard on the immune system and if must shot at a time one month apart.  We vaccinate now on
like this and do fecal checks before worming to see if it is warranted.
Especially stay away from 4 or 5 way shots now till epm is ruled out.
Worming and vaccines are neceassary but should not be over done. 

Food for thought....seems like all the most well cared for and expensive
horses are coming down with EPM,  have not heard of too many back yard
neglected horses...maybe too much of a good thing is not so good.
P.S.  I am not a vet, and these are only my opinions and experiences,
Karen.  I urge you to do as much research on epm as possible.


Linda Eisele & LS Lakota
hubby Allen & LS Iceman
2 great sons-Blue & Nick
canine Scooby, feline Tuna
Reno, Nevada

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