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Re: Phil Gardner's letter in April EN Mailbag

Joe Long wrote:

> When I talked to Doyle he claimed that he doesn't need my permission
> to re-print my Ridecamp posts in EN....

I don't know exactly what he said to you, but if he said that as
a blanket statement--that EN or *anybody* doesn't need the author's
permission to reprint a Ridecamp post--then he is just dead wrong.

If he said that EN has the right to reprint "fair use" excerpts, then
that's a different story.  That's always been the problem with
"fair use."  How much is fair?

It is also true that Stephanie cannot give permission to reprint
a Ridecamp post.  Unless she makes a "user agreement" that stipulates
otherwise, all author rights remain with the author.  By the same
token, she is not in any way responsible for protecting the author's

> NOTICE:  Copyright 1999 Joe Long, all rights reserved.  
> No publication of the above is authorized without my 
> permission.

This is helpful to call the fact of your copyright to the attention
of people unfamiliar with copyright law, but it does nothing to increase
your rights.

Well, enough already.  I've got to go get some shoes for my horse.  The
winter caulks come off today, hooray!

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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