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Arab or TWH

Hi.  I'm seeking as many opinions as I can get.  I purchased
an Arab two years ago to try my hand at endurance.  The horse
and I both like it very much.  This Arab 99% of the time has
the ideal temperament.  He is very trail and traffic sound
and sensible.  Only 2 complaints.  He will not do the quarterhorse
ride (and many of my friends have quarterhorses). He goes
balistic and is right now at reform school (prof. trainer)
because this bad habit is increasing.  The 2nd complaint, he
moves like he is on 4 pogo sticks. 6 mths ago,I began weekly visits to a chiropractor
and they haven't ceased yet. Otherwise, I love this horse!
My husband gave up his quarterhorse when I bought the Arab because
his horse couldn't keep up.  John went to a walker and I have been
envying that glide ride ever since.  Now I have an opportunity to
purchase a beautiful walker at a good price. (green broke)  But I do
not have enough time to keep one horse in endurance condition, much less two.
I am really torn.  Right now, I would just like opinions from other riders.
 What would you do?  Thanks for your input.  Susan


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