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Re: Brand inspection

This varies by state. The various state brand laws are available at

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>I don't want to start a long thread about brand inspections because we
>did it a couple of months ago. But I do want to let everyone know what i
>learned. One of our local feed and garden store put on a clinic type
>event Sat & Sun wher you could take your horse and have a brand
>inspection and coggins done for a fee. Anyway I learned from the brand
>inspector that if you buy or sell a horse that horse must have a brand
>inspection, even a papered horse. I did not know this and have been
>hauling and selling horses for many years. I always thought if you had a
>registered horse a bill of sale and his papers were enough. (not) The
>brand inspector told me that if you don't have a brand inspection it is
>a $600.00 fine! So beware!! Just when I thought I knew everything. Oh
>well. by the way I live in Nevada but I am sure the rules are the same
>for most states. Julie
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