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Re: HELP!!

Hi Devony - Am I correct in understanding you go riding in a horse
pasture with other horses in it?  I know this will not be of much help
to you, but my suggestion is that if you are riding in such a horse
pasture, the first thing you do is stop!  I mean, you couldn't get me to
do that in my own herd unless I was riding a very dominant member - say,
the lead mare!  I'd guess from your post that probably your horse isn't
the lead animal - while there's all kinds of techniques that you could
use to deal with a horse that won't pay attention, most likely they
won't work in a pasture with other horses galloping around unless you're
on an alpha animal or are a really, really excellent horseperson.  Like
your last name is Parelli or Lyons or Dorrence or something.  Lif

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