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Re: RC: HELP!!

Wendy wrote a great post on circling horses to get control of them in
January or February, and this technique may help you stay in charge. No
matter why a horse gets into this "mood" it's important to be able to
maintain control, isn't it! It's spring, and after a vacation he's
probably just "seasonally enthusiastic"...

Good luck!  Linda

Devony Wingo wrote:
> Last week, everything stressful and time consuming thankfully left my
> life, leaving me with a spring break for what else but, horses!  But, I
> got the impression that my  horse had a different plan.  I went out to
> the barn and rode yesterday (sadly, for the first time in a little less
> than a month).  Just FYI-- I am not fortunate enough to live on premise
> of my stables, they are almost an hour away.  Anyhow, things were going
> good on our ride, but all of the sudden Toledo decided that he wanted to
> GO!  So, figuring it was the weather, I pulled him back down to earth
> and we continued, but about that time, his group of buddies came
> rambling into the pasture, galloping full speed, and guess what, he
> wanted to be with THEM! I seem to have this trouble, lack of
> concenctration on my horse's part.  He seems not to want to work, only
> to play!  Or RUN!  :o) His attention mostly seems to be drawn to going
> back to the barn, or pasture, from whence he came.  Is this rider error?
> For, forgive me, but it is making me feel like a lesser rider!  Or
> perhaps is it only due to my lack of frequently working him?  Any
> suggestions at how I can get my horse to realise that when I'm in the
> saddle, he needs to  listen to me and get to work?
> Thanks for your time, and sorry for rambling on so.Devony
> Any help would be appreciated!Toledo (Can't I just go and play Mom?)
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