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Fwd: RC: dinner tickets

I have all the respect and admiration in the world for RMs and would never
rock teh very fragile boat. Personally, the $10 to $15 fo the DINNER is of
less import than the rest of what my entry pays for. My gut feeling is that
the huge majority of riders like it just the way it is. Many times we have had
to leave before the dinner, having already paid sometimes for MORE than one
EXTRA ticket. I hope to think that by being part of the SOLUTION - making
certain that RMs don't cut it so close and/or lose $$ and thus not be able or
willing to continue to do these rides - we don't become part of the problem.
Sorry but this is really getting idiotic. Buy an entry, you buy a dinner.
DOn't want to pay for dinner? Don't go. Sheesh! Horse shows don't have this
"problem". Try those. 

Maybe it is me but by the time I pay the entry, the gas - both ways - food on
the WAY, food fo rthe TRIP...a dinner tickets just seems so...insignificant.
And no, we are NOT wealthy. We DO eat.
p.s. if you go to OUR rides, I would be HAPPY to buy your dinner ticket - IF
you can guarantee me you won't change your mind and want to eat it. I have to
plan too. :)

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Is it very hard to put on entries, If you do not purchase a dinner ticket with
entry there will be no food for you?  I know RM try to make the ride nice for
everyone, and they do, But I still think it should be riders choice if they
want to pay for a dinner ticket.  If you add up all the dinner ticket price
included with entries after 12 months the cost is about $150. more or less.
Everyone knows what can be done with that extra money, another 2 rides!
This is the end of this topic.  It just shouldn't be that hard to give us the

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