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Re: entry dinner fees

>Any other ideas?
>George Hvizdos

For the summer parties at Marineland, we used to just provide some salad,
chips and maybe beans, plus had a big barbecue grill going.  Everyone would
bring their meat of choice and grill it themselves.  The head count tended
to vary widely, but even if there was food left over, it wasn't anything
expensive like chicken or ribs, and everyone had alot of fun standing around
the grill cooking their steaks.  Of course, the trick was to make sure
everyone knew they had to bring their own meat---the first year we started
doing that, communications were a little below par and about a dozen people
showed up expecting a full meal.  No problem, we just liberated a few rock
cod from the reef tank and everyone still got fed.  The late-arriving
curator of fishes got a little suspicious and kept peering into the tank
trying to count the survivors as we merrily grilled our little hearts out,
but allowed that as long as we stayed away from his beloved garibaldi (and
put teriyaki on his share of the cod) we were forgiven.  Maybe the moral of
the story is that with a little creativity, a good sense of humor and alot
of cooperation, everyone will get enough to eat and have a good time to

Susan G

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