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Re: RC: Re: entry dinner fees

>showed up expecting a full meal.  No problem, we just liberated a few rock
>cod from the reef tank and everyone still got fed.  The late-arriving
>curator of fishes got a little suspicious and kept peering into the tank
>trying to count the survivors as we merrily grilled our little hearts out,
>but allowed that as long as we stayed away from his beloved garibaldi (and
>put teriyaki on his share of the cod) we were forgiven.  Maybe the moral of
>the story is that with a little creativity, a good sense of humor and alot
>of cooperation, everyone will get enough to eat and have a good time to
>Susan G

So are you saying that people shouldn't let their dogs run loose around 
ride camp for other reasons besides they might get stepped on by a horse? <VBG>

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Weaver, 2,480 miles
& Rocky, 1,175 :)

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