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Re: Fence

In a message dated 3/14/99 4:59:05 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Are you using the "portable" type of 12' panels(5 or6 rail) that run
 ea. now?   How large an area do you enclose- do you reinforse or stabilize
 in any particular way?

I suppose you could call them portable, but they are heavy and take two people
to move them. Some are 12', others are longer; some have frames with small
gates in them.  They cost at least $100 apiece for the shorter ones at the
time, as I remember. The area is arena sized - it started out to be an arena
and ended up being a paddock for permanent horse residence. There are old
posts to which we originally wired the panels, but most of them are rotten and
leaning now. The panels pretty well support themselves if they are set up in
an oval or a relatively small rectangle. We got them from Parker Manufacturing
Co. in Turlock, CA.


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