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I just got a painful e-mail from a person whom I admire and respect
greatly, chastising me for "knocking" the AERC.

I'd like to say that I also have a lot of respect and admiration for
the AERC and the Board of Directors.  It is a great organization that
has done an enormous amount of good for our sport, and the Directors
put in countless hours of hard work at their own expense to make it

I also agree that people who ride AERC rides on any regular basis
should join and support AERC.  My problem is with coercing them into

When I feel that even a good organization, run by good people, is
making a mistake -- I will say so.  Perhaps too bluntly, that is
unfortunately my nature.  But I say it in good faith, not out of any
disrespect or lack of appreciation.

Yes, I hate non-member fees.  Yes, I believe the Board made a serious
mistake by adopting them in the first place, and a bigger mistake by
not at least compromising on the amount for LD rides.  That doesn't
mean that I think any less of the AERC or the volunteers who make it
work.  My goal is not to knock anyone or to tear down, but to at least
try to right what I see as a wrong.

Alas, it's probably a lost cause.  But at least I fought the good


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