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Year end awards/cost

>Which is a problem they could solve simply by giving out cheap
>awards--none of us ride endurance for the awards anyway right???

Please, no cheap awards!...after 11 long years...I got the call..I'M
GETTING A JACKET!!  I don't know how much it cost everyone in the SE for
me to get it.  Actually, in the last 11 years I guess I've paid for it
myself!  Just want everyone to know I'll be sleeping in it, as well as
wearing it every waking hour.  

If they gave a choice between a cheap one and a nice one I'd be willing
to pay the difference...because I've worked hard and long for this baby!

You think year end awards should be less substantial than a ride award? 
Aren't we supposed to be setting long term goals?  And by the way, anyone
who wins a year end award has probably paid more than the average rider
in "per ride" AERC sanction fees.


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