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Re: Purina Athlete

In a message dated 1/2/99 7:07:28 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< Yes, Johnna, I have seen problems with horses switched to Purina Athlete,
 attributed it to two things--one, the extra protein (most of our horses
 already get too much protein in their roughage sources anyway) and two, at
 least when it first came out, it had added salt, and horses on the product
 never "conditioned" themselves to a salt deficit, hence they lost more than
 they should when under stress.  Several of the top horses in our area
 to it when it came out, had problems, got back off of it, and the problems
 went away.
 Heidi >>

Hmm, the BIG change in this diet that I see is the fat. I'd have to wrestle
you on the protein issue, but I'm on my way to Florida Tuesday. Have you read
Mauro Di Pasquale's Amino Acids and Proteins in the Athlete (CRC)?


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