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Re: Fee structures and more history

On Sat, 2 Jan 1999, Truman Prevatt wrote:

> While the proposed fee structure below "seem attractuve" it would most
> likely be a nightmare in practice.  The impact on the computer system
> not designed to support this type of application would probably eat up
> tons of money in itself.

In response to what I said:

> > _I_ would like to have the fee structure reflect more closely what each of
> > the services cost and have them allocated directly to those people who are
> > using them.

The AERC already assesses fees based on these same things:

Horse registration fee (which there were no complaints about having to
make expensive changes to the computer system to accommodate this fee when
it was added), the per rider fee paid for each rider at a ride, and the
AERC already charges conference attendees for the privaledge of attending

It would just be nice if these fees closely resembled the actual
costs to the to the AERC for the services provided.

The only change to the computer system and/or the accounting system that
the AERC would have to make is the dollar figure that they charge for
existing fees.

...except for the awards program.

Which is a problem they could solve simply by giving out cheap
awards--none of us ride endurance for the awards anyway right???

What I will be getting from the AHSA for my Zone 10 year end award for
finishing in the top six (they only give out awards to sixth place) is
....a ribbon ($1.25 tops).

THe joy comes in the accomplishment, not in the award itself.

Orange County, Calif.

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