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Nature Conservancy

Just got around to reading weeks of Ridecamp  and don't remember which of
the California members was interested in supporting the Nature Conservancy.
 This is the group, I believe, who met their land acquisition goals on the
east coast with contributions of both land and money from horse lovers.  

The first thing they did when the got the last of the land they wanted
there was to prohibit recreational use, INCLUDING HORSES.  Those people
closed trails that had been available since before the civil war.  

This group has an agenda that sounds good but in the end, may not be the
same as ours at all.  Same with many of the "humane, save the horses"
groups.  They are happy to take our dollars but may hold the belief that
our "exploitation"of horses is as bad as the abusive tactics they are
focused on right now.  

Before we support any of the many groups out there clamoring for money,
land or other donations, it should be our responsibility to check out the
track record and determine any "additional" or "ultimate" agendas such
groups have.


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