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marking trails

I envy those of you who can take your time marking trails, and leaving
the ribbons up.  Here in the bay area, the parks won't let us ribbon
until 4 days before the ride - then you must have a point rider check to
be sure the markings haven't been taken down or worse yet, rerouted!
Once the ride is over we must have all ribbons and flour (we can't use
any other markings in our park) removed within 3 days or we are to be
charged per ribbon!  We also can't put ribbon across trails, too many
other users out there.  So we just beg anybody and everybody we know to
come help out and put "spotters" at vital spots on the trail.  For the
last few years I have had close to 100 volunteers working our ride -
many of them out on the trail to make sure riders don't get lost - yet
another thing the park looks down on.  Even though the parks make a lot
of this difficult, I'd hate to give in and not put on the rides here -
they need to know there are a lot of equestrians out there enjoying the
parks, and we need all the trails we can get!
Laura Fend (Oakland Hills Ride)

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