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Re: Witez II

Although I am a breeder of CMK horses, the one non-CMK element that I have in
my program is what I call the "Patton Polish" breeding, the most prominent of
which is *Witez II.  (Non-CMK elements are allowed in CMK horses, provided
they still carry 75% or more CMK breeding, and have a CMK sire line and dam
line; hence those of my horses who DO carry *Witez II blood still qualify as
CMK.)  The Poles at that time apparently were producing the same sort of
sound, good-minded "using" horses that were the standard here, and these
horses fit right in with the old American breeding and made a very positive
contribution.  Although these horses didn't get incorportated into American
programs in time to be classified as CMK, they are WELL worth seeking out for
their own merit, and are certainly horses to look for as POSITIVE influences
when evaluating endurance pedigrees.

Heidi Smith, DVM--Sagehill Arabians (Oregon)

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