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Re: Sharron Saare saddles

I took my horse out to Colorado to have Sharon fit my horse.  Needless to
say, the saddle fits my horse and he moves out much free er than he ever has
before. It is well balanced and I can 2 point or stand for almost an entire
50 mile ride. It is well made with loads of rings and snaps. Bad points are
that it is a western saddle and I ride English so it took some getting used
to.  I have the lite model but it is still a heavy saddle for me to lift
onto the horse. I also had to wait about 3 months, but that was primarily
because of the rare size and tree used. I have a 16 C and the front part is
turned back so it does not impinge on the horse's shoulders. Sharon told me
she mades a saddle with this tree and size about once every year or so.  It
is just that there are not many horses that need this tree.  But a horse
that does, cannot be fitted in any other tree. The best part of the SS is so
many trees to fit you horse.  Most saddlers only have one tree.  It is the
same tree in several widths.  But Sharon has about 8 or 10 different trees.
She has saddle fitters all over the country who have the trees to fit your
horse. I like her happy back pads too. the saddle was also easy to break in.
I am a very satisfied customer. I think the price is between $1300 and
$1500. There are a number of options available. The options I chose were:  I
had the saddle oiled, brass fittings, special rigging, and the lite model. I
also bought a wool felt under pad and a happy back pad. It comes with all
fittings. I later changed to a professional choice girth because it is
easier to clean.

>The saddle that got the most votes was the Sharon Saare.  I would
>appreciate hearing from anyone who has had a saddle custom made by
>Sharon Saare or who has ridden a Saare saddle.  What are the good points
>and bad points about this saddle?  Price???
Betsy O'Shea and Afterglow
Paola, Kansas

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