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RE: Witez II bloodlines

<< I would appreciate hearing for those of you that are riding *Witez II
horses, or have known of *Witez II horses from the past that have done
 well in the Tevis Cup ride and other endurance events.
 Anna Freeman

BarbaraMcCrary writes'
I have a lovely 3/4 Arab mare I bred who is doing nicely in endurance.  She is
sired by Koszar, by Kosciusko, by Witez II.  I'm a great believer in
the Witez II line.

Barbara McCrary

P.S. Hyannis Cattle Company owned and used Kosciusko, a Witez II son for many
years and produced some outstanding endurance horses during the 60s, 70s and

[Karen Sullivan]  ------I have a mare by Ladiratez, by Utez, by Witez II.
She is the one my 11 year old daughter rides. Though she is tough as nails and loves to go, she is also sensible and bombproof.

I would also love to know more about Witez II horses in endurance.

I believe Kathie Perry has had some HCC horses that descend from
him.  I would also appreciate it if anyone can give me the general bloodlines from HCC and Rushcreek horses. 

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