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Re: Mt bikes on trails

Connie, we're lucky here in Rancho del Oso park; the cyclists seem to be more
gracious.  Of course, the road is relatively flat and wide, so it's easier to
deal with bikes.  I can certainly relate to your scenario -- steep trails,
speed, cutting trails, etc.  Not sure what the answer is, but when we start
trying to exclude one grouyp, we may end up excluding ourselves.  Perhaps
specially designated trails for each group?  It would be SOOOO easy to become
enraged at the cyclists, but I don't think horsemen can afford this "luxury".
There has to be some way to make it reasonably fair for all.  I often think
it's a pity the mt. bike was invented at all.  It certainly carves a trench
into trails that sets things up for erosion.  Actually, in Santa Cruz County,
the mt. bikers have done a lot to restore winter damaged trails, as have the
horsemen.  They realize they had better earn "brownie points" with the park
system, and they have. (The park system here usually does little to restore
trails, I think.  The usual complaint is "we don't have the funds".)  Of
course, a determined endurance ride manager is highly motivated to restore
trails, too, if he/she needs a park trail for a ride!!



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