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RE: HRM electrodes, conductivity and woolly horses.

> You don't have to clip a spot for the electrodes and you don't have to 
> electrode gel. I tried electrode get for the first year that I used the
> HRM. It really helped get a clear signal, but the dried gel got into the
> pad and girth and it was hard to clean out.  I now use a neoprene girth 

Hi Group!

First off I've found in a 50 water wasn't enough to keep contact with the 
electrode.  My horse he sweats then dries, then sweats and dries, all 
through the ride. So without gel when he would dry I'd loose contact, 
arrggghhh.  Anyway I bought some aloe vera gel and use that.  It doesn't 
mess up my woolback pad or get sticky and when I'm done you can't even tell 
it was on the horse.

Good Luck and Happy New Year!

                                  Cheryl Newbanks
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