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HRM electrodes, conductivity and woolly horses.

At 08:57 AM 12/31/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Well, I for one learned alot!!  I just got a new HRM for Christmas and can't
>wait to get it on my horse... I can use it now but he's so woolly I'd have to
>clip a couple of spots for the electrodes..  We have had some forty below
>lately and I'd rather wait til it warms up a bit.  We HAVE been riding
though on
>the nicer days and it's a blast!  I am going to print your post out and
stash it
>with my endurance info folder for future reference!  Thanks!

Thanks for your kind comments. You remided me of one thing I forgot to
include in my post on Heart Rate Monitors:

You don't have to clip a spot for the electrodes and you don't have to use
electrode gel. I tried electrode get for the first year that I used the
HRM. It really helped get a clear signal, but the dried gel got into the
pad and girth and it was hard to clean out.  I now use a neoprene girth so
that part isn't a problem, but I have found a better way. I found that all
I have to do to get good reliable readings is thoroughly wet the area where
the electrode goes with plain water! (Wet it down to the skin, not just on
the surface.) The natural salt from my horses sweat must be plenty for the
purpose. There is no mess and no cleanup of gel.  And, my horse gets very
woolly too, but with the water, the electrode works through his thick hair.
Since the wet spot is under the girth and saddle, it doesn't seem to bother
my horse. He will get wet there just from his work any way.

Our nights here have only gotten down to -5 in Provo, Utah so we aren't as
cold as you. Good luck in your training.

Byron Harward and Tzadik.

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