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Re: Captan for Rain rot

As with all medications/remedies, certainly Captan has its risks.  However,
rain rot is also a nasty thing for a horse to have.  I have had good success
in practice with Captan as a treatment for rain rot.  I am not suggesting that
the horse take it internally.  Nor do I understand that Captan is absorbed
through the skin to any great degree.  The mix I recommend is 1 oz. Captan per
gallon of water, used as a wash.

Yes, I am sure the reports of Captan being toxic are quite correct.  Almost
everything is toxic if taken or used in extreme amounts.  I had an
acquaintance who died of Tylenol toxicity.  Will I remove it from my shelf?
No.  But I won't take 50 or more tablets every day the way he did, either.  I
know a couple of Tylenol tablets from time to time will help my chronic elbow,
and I know Captan, used sparingly and only when there is a problem, will often
do wonders for rain rot.

Heidi Smith, DVM--Sagehill Arabians (Oregon)

PS:  Rain rot is also greatly exacerbated by immune supression--look into
selenium deficiency, zinc, etc. for horses that suffer from it.

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