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Re: suspensory ligament

Stall rest is the WORST thing.. you need to do as others advised.. stall
and walk every day  add more time.
ice legs.. do the shots.
find a holistic vet.. try accupunture  get the horse balanced
do herbs  you indicated a supplement  do it.
give ruta grava  a homeopathic
also topical  Ruta-Rhus-Arnica.. a few times each day
oh have to say this-- I read about this in a book  just passing along
the info from the book you see-- just suggesting this is what I would do
IF it were my horse..

I have the Centurion Electromag boot.. it works great.. you may want to
rent one for 3 months.. they advertise in Equus and many other mags
beats the static magnets 100 time over.. 908 417 0050  i believe it
would be worth the cost..
I used it just for a pulled sp tendon.. fast healing

look at THOR laser also -rental  many ads for them also - a very
powerful unit

ti can tell you about healing tendons --get his book The Bowed Tendon..

I bought a muscle stimulator unit --thinking I could use it to help fix
any leg or muscle problem..but it is far to complicated for me.. I put
it on my arm and had my hand jerking all over the place.. over my head..
so its back in the box.. never used
need an expert on this tool.. and i dont have the time to learn--as long
as my gang is sound..

any way thats my advice on the ripped tendon -- get ultasound often to
check progress

i read about a really super drug in THE HORSE mag..cant find it now
maybe it was online.

helps to heal the tendon with NO scaring.. you did mention a drug -may
be it
good luck

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