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Re: Drug policy

I am just in a crusading mood lately.

How about writing to the chairs  of the rules committee
Vonita Bowers  and veterninary committee
R.A. Beecher DVM
box 289
Cascade IA 52033 
fax (319-852-3192)   and request that the rules be amended.

(BTW I thought AERC was already looking into changing the zero tolerance 
policy? Anyone have some information about this?)

A sample letter might read.

Dear Ms. Bowers /Dear Dr. Beecher

Hi, my name is Teresa Van Hove, AERC # M17417.  I have a concern about
the zero tolerance part of the AERC drug policy.  Please understand that
I fully support AERC's policy of erring on the side of converativeness 
when it comes to protecting our horses and reputation by banning drugs,
natural substances, and therapies that can mask pain or injuries.  
However I feel that with today's sophisticated tests which can detect
trace levels of drugs, and the uncertainty in knowing how long it takes
for a  given drug to be completely eliminated from a horses body after
administration I feel the follwing change might be in order.   Lets change
the policy so that the tolerance level is consistent with what might
remain a week after giving a horse a daily dosage  of drug, or if that
information is not readily available perhaps we could set the AERC
tolerances to 0.1 or 0.01 of the levels accepted by the racing &/or
horse show people.  Since I feel that a horse should not compete if
it needed pain or inflammation drugs in the week before competition I
do not mind having an extra low tolerance level - I just feel that 
zero tolerances could result in a horse testing postitive in spite of
the rider obeying the spirit of the rules, but having treated their horse
for something temporary 2 or 3 weeks before a competition.  Or feeding
a supplement -as I do - which contains a trace amount of yucca as an
advertising gimmick.  I withdraw the supplement a few days before a ride
but how can I know whether there is a detectable level in spite of this?


Teresa Van Hove 

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