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Well Step got our link up and I was not ready.
SO I just finished the upgrades to our site.

We have PICTUREs. Some load slow. I will fix that soon.
But you can see all the components of the V-MAX EHRM

We have  NEW LONG lead - a COIL design, like a phone cord.
It really will help with lead snag problems.

We re-named the START-NV to
V-MAX BASIC-NITE  as recommended by Janet of the AUSTRALIAN CONNECTION

We lowered the price of the V-MAX BASIC-C.

We have a NEW MODEL
    Dual Display
    Nite View
    10HR timer
    STD Time Clock
    Limited Recording

no pictures or info on site yet.
We also have a new model ENDURO-C coming
Larger display
HiLo Alarm -Target zone
Time of Day
no stopwatch

There are pictures of the leads and connections to the horse

We have pictures of the V-MAX HEARTBELT   with two different belt styles

EXCEPT we do not have the thin model (2) belts made yet.

V-MAX HEARTCHECK Pictures and better information of this hot item.

We are working on the OTHER products pages.
Our items and the ABC product line
Plus our selected links pages to other sites

We apologize for the slow pix loads

Thanks for all the support
Roger R

    Check it Out!    

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