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Re: Night riding

In a message dated 98-07-27 00:49:28 EDT, writes:

<< I would be very very unhappy if I were following someone with a
 glo stick in the horse's tail or on the rider's helmet.  It would negatively
 affect the night vision of both horse and rider who are following such
 Please keep your glo sticks where they are effective and not bothersome to
 others. >>

Debby is right on about this.  It is very distracting to follow a light of ANY
kind.  Even on a pitch black night, one can hear a horse ahead that is close
enough to be a problem.  Keep the glow sticks on the front, and keep them at
chest level where they are helpful to the horse wearing them, but don't put
lights on the back, either on the rider or on the horse.  The only exception I
would make for this would be for people riding ALONE who need to be visible to

Heidi Smith, DVM

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