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horse colic

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From: Susan Holmes 

Hello, my gelding is 7 years old we bought him 6 months ago, but have watch him for over a year at the barn we boarded our mare. When we got the horses home they seem to be fine, but about 2 month latter our 7 year old colic on us on morning. I fed him his grain then I noticed he wasn't eating his hay plus he was staggering then he laid down, I ran over and made him get up, he ran around then ran back to eating again, the vet came put a tube down his nose and said colic no temp, gut sound and good heart rate, she said no reason for colic, I thought it must be food and slowly changed his grain to Omolene 100 2 and half weeks latter while eating grain again he started it again, but latter he seemed alittle better, but when morning came I went to feed him his hay and found him in his stall laying down head and all flat on the ground, my hubby got him up, he walk from his stall and lay down outside the stall this time I thought for sure he would die because his breathing seemed so shallow but then we remembered thispain med the vet gave us from the last time called BANAMINE paste we gave him this and 25 min latter it was like nothing ever happened. Can't seem to find out what caused this colic. Vet said to give him a quarter of mineral oil and sand blast plus we wormed him, but I'm afraid to put him on grain again and 2 weeks latter having the same problem, one day I know the banamine won't work. I live in CT is there anything I can try or do to prevent these reoccuring colics.I could use all the information possible. Thank you.

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