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Re: sidepull

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> Subject: sidepull
> Date: Thursday, July 23, 1998 10:38 AM
> The other option you might consider which would give you more "brakes" on
> trail than a sidepull, is a vosal. It has a scissoring action under the
> but doesn't offer as much leverage as the mechanical hackamore. I rode on
> trail in a sidepull for awhile but found I had no brakes, so switched to
> with my easy-to-control mare. The vosal is made to attach the reins to a
> single ring under the chin, but I know someone who attaches the reins to
> side so it acts like a sidepull or snaffle. It can attach to a
> too. Just another idea.
> Susan

I started riding with a vosal this year also (got it off ridecamp!!)  and I
LOVE it.  The horses travel wonderful in it, and they can eat and drink on
the trail easily.  Has plenty of whoa and each horse I have tried it on
does great in it.


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