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Re: match made in heaven

>Comes right from a man's mouth, too.  Sorry, I don't like noisy, loud,
>agressive men either.

You know what they say..."Opposites Attract"  :-))) Hee Hee, 

P.S.  I can get away with saying that...since my husband is very quiet,
and likeable.  :-)

>Sue Gardner wrote:
>> wrote
>> <Sorry - but all anthropomorphizing aside, no  horse knows he is 
>> dead
>> gorgeous - lots of MEN think so, but horses have no such "thoughts".
>> Sometimes
>> it SEEMS like they do. Neither is my one testy horse in a "foul 
>> They
>> are just horses - rective, with temperament differrences - and 
>> changes. Horses' behaviour is a product of both environment and
>> genetics. A
>> stallion who is very vocal is simply loaded with testosterone - and
>> other
>> things!>
>> Sorry, but I couldn't disagree more with this philosophy.  I wonder 
>> anyone would enjoy working with horses if they felt that they were 
>> reactive with hormonal changes.  I don't believe that this is 
>> true for horses that it is for people.  We, just as horses are the
>> product of our genetics, hormones, and environment.  Horses, and all
>> animals, do have thoughts, emotions, and pride of lack of.  We tend 
>> set ourselves apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.  We feel 
>> because we are human, our experience of being alive is completely
>> different than for the other animals. Horses have a language, a 
>> sense of social order, and become emotional involved with those 
>> them.  Basically they are not that much different that we are.  
>> are more similarities than differences.
>> As to the behavior of a stallion, a stallion should not act like a
>> gelding or mare.  Yes, it is possible to destroy a stallions spirit 
>> the point that all of his natural tendencies are suppressed.  But, 
>> do this.  There is certainly nothing wrong with a stallion 
>> his presence.  How many times have you heard the old wives tale that
>> stallions are lazy, they won't put out, they are quitters.  Now look 
>> these stallions at a ride, you couldn't tell them apart from 
>> from their actions.  While the stallions who are allowed to retain 
>> ego's, announce their presence, and show their pride, within safe
>> limits, are winning rides, giving their all willingly.
>> Phil Gardner

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