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Re: match made in heaven

In a message dated 98-07-21 13:50:18 EDT, writes:

<< As to the behavior of a stallion, a stallion should not act like a
 gelding or mare.  Yes, it is possible to destroy a stallions spirit to
 the point that all of his natural tendencies are suppressed.  But, why
 do this.  There is certainly nothing wrong with a stallion announcing
 his presence. >>

Sorry, but I strongly disagree with this.  It is no more acceptable than a man
walking down the street making inappropriate suggestions to every woman that
walks by.  Some of the most competetive stallions I have ever known are also
some of the quietest and best behaved in camp.  The epitome was probably Pat
Grisvold's late Tezero.  My own guys have done their share of running up front
over the years, despite my schedule and their lack of preparation.  I could go
on and on to name the real gentlemen of the sport.  My guys that never say a
word in camp are full of libido at home--no problem.  They breed on a regular
basis, and have their routine.  They do their own teasing.  They squall and
bawl at their own mares, in their own space.  So no, their natural urges are
not supressed, but they know where to act like boys and when it is time to
work.   Phil, do you behave the same at work or shopping in the mall as you do
in your bedroom at home?  At the risk of embarrassing you, I'll bet not. 


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