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Re: match made in heaven - stallions

In a message dated 98-07-21 00:31:59 EDT, writes:

 << What impresses you the most
  about an 'endurance stallion'?  >>
 1.  A common-sense disposition and an I-can-do-it attitude.
 2.  Proper conformation--and by this, I don't mean the stuff that wins in the
 show ring with the jacked-up head on the upside down neck with the long back
 and weak loin, but BIOMECHANICALLY correct conformation.
 3.  A free, easy way of going.
 4.  A pedigree that indicates that he will have both the metabolic ability to
 perform and the genetic ability to pass it on.  With items 1, 2, and 3, he
 make a good horse himself, but without the pedigree, he is not stallion
 material.  (And remember, we are breeding for GENES, not just names in
 pedigrees--a "good" pedigree means more than great individuals 5 generations
 back--it also means that the DESIRABLE genes from those great individuals are
 the ones that have been selected for in more recent generations!)
 5.  Regardless of the discipline for which they will be used, I still want my
 stallions to LOOK like typey representatives of their breeds. If they don't,
 they make great geldings.
 Heidi Smith, DVM--Sagehill Arabians (Oregon) >>

Here, here!  The problem lies when people don't geld, when they should.  I
have seen some really good "gelding" prospects out there that never reach . .
.er. . .that potential.  (surgically!)


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