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Re: Match made in heaven wrote:
> Hi, Phil--
> Was not going to comment on your post, but can't help myself after Teddy made
> her comment.  She is right on about "great" stallions not always passing on
> their greatness.  I think you have a terrific mare that really deserves to
> reproduce, but I have to say that I knew both Wazir and Saroukh (Karahty's
> sire and grandsire) intimately as I was their vet for several years, and was
> very disappointed in both of them.  Wazir was a nicely made horse and a
> sweetie but sired all manner of cardiac problems.  Saroukh was so rank that
> you were taking your life in your hands to go in his stall without a weapon,
> and had no other redeeming values that I could see.  Have always marvelled
> that Karahty runs so well, given his immediate ancestors, but just as there
> can be bad apples in good barrels, there are also occasional good apples in
> bad barrels.  However, that is still his GENETIC heritage.  I would be far
> less concerned, if I were you, about the endurance records of the actual
> stallions, and look at what lines cross well with the horses of Fete's
> breeding.  There are many stallions out there who have not raced themselves
> but who have sired many top endurance horses, and I think your chances might
> be far better with those if you breed her again in the future.  She is the
> sort of breeding that consistently does well, and deserves to be bred to lines
> that also produce accordingly.  Sorry to be so blunt--I was never much of a
> diplomat, I'm afraid...
> Heidi Smith, DVM--Sagehill Arabians (Oregon)
> PS:  Remember that one of the early top sires of endurance horses, Hall of
> Fame horse Kosciusko, never ran a ride...   Similar lines are still excelling
> today.


This is what makes horse breeding so interesting, a difference of
opintion.  What you say is interesting, but I have been closely involved
with Karahty get and several things set them apart.  One is their
beauty, these are horses that are just put together right.  Second, and
I think most important is their disposition.  My experience is that he
is producing some of the most calm, self assured, level headed Arabians
I have ever worked with.  Third is their athletic ability.  From what I
have seen it is outstanding.  In the next few years there will be a
number of Karahty sons and daughters in the hands of some of the best
riders.  Time will be the final judge on this one.  

Phil Gardner

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