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Re: Match made in heaven

In a message dated 98-07-22 02:31:47 EDT, writes:

<< Additionally, I am not totally convinced but what "endurance capability" 
 isn't a function of heterozygous genetic traits, in which case,
 linebreeding is specifically reducing your chances of getting a good
 endurance horse (since the theory behind line/inbreeding is to decrease
 the incidence of heterozygosity). >>

One might think this in theory, but actual study of endurance pedigrees leads
me to believe that the majority of successful endurance horses are at least
loosely linebred.  This also holds true in other species--crossbreeding (or
outcrossing) seems to increase fast-twitch capabilities and is a great way to
produce sprint or power athletes, but endurance athletes tend to be purer
races/strains/breeds/lines or whatever.


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