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Re: Match made in heaven

Much truth in "alternation of generation".  My stallion is far better than
his sire or dam.  So far, his "kids" are just as good as he is.  First
grandkid is a yearling (partbred), so only time will tell.


Angela C. McGhee wrote:

>   You may get another
> >Secretariat
> >who races well, but will never put anyhting on the ground worth a
> >damn.
> >From what I've heard, Secretariat has proven himself as a sire of
> excellent his own maternal grandsire Princquillo.
> Sometimes it takes awhile to see what the contribution will be.  Equus
> did an excellent article about "When Greatness Skips A Generation".  They
> mentioned that Secretariat's daughters were turning out to be excellent
> broodmares, but I thought they left the reader with the idea that it may
> have come from Bold Ruler.  Actually, I would bet that trait came from
> his dam's side.
> Lori Stewart bred her Tevis winning mare Riske Rocket to Karahty 3 or 4
> times.  She just completed the Old Dominion on one of them...his first
> 100!  Dave Bennett bought one of those foals...I'm enjoying his first 2
> years of LSD...while I'm still beating him. :-)
> Angie McGhee (I can't believe I'm talking bloodlines YUK!)
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