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Re: Match made in heaven

He may be superior, but does he produce better (or even as good) as
himself?  To best breed a mare, one MUST look at bloodlines and understand
what happens when lines are not preserved.  You may get another Secretariat
who races well, but will never put anyhting on the ground worth a damn.
This is why so many people do preservation breeding.  Without good solid
foundations, we have no future.

Prime example: the majority of PEOPLE in the USA.


Sue Gardner wrote:

> Let me clear up a misconception about my recent post.  Cougar's Fete is
> not my mare, she is owned by Erin McChesney.  With this mare's record, I
> have been curious as to who she would eventually choose to breed her
> too.  I am merely passing this information along to those who are
> interested in breeding endurance horses.
> I have owned a Beztal daughter, now owned by Steph.  I bred her to
> Karahty four times and could not be more pleased with the results.  I
> will be riding her first born in the Tevis this year, hopefully.
> Needless to say, I was excited to find that Erin had decided to breed
> her outstanding Bezatal granddaughter to the same stallion that I picked
> for my mare.
> Both Karahty and Bezatal are of Egyptian blood lines.  Both were 16
> hands.  Both set records that have been unequaled.  Karahty has been
> retired to stud for approximately 8 years, and no other stallion has
> even come close to his record of 30 wins and 29 best conditions.
> Phil Gardner

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